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Dog care is always interesting! This week, as part of my regular pet sitting and dog care activities, I was walking around the back yard of my client in Sabre Springs with their very small Yorkie.  This little dog is full of personality but she only weighs 6 pounds and is smaller than a rabbit that occasionally shows up in the yard.  I was standing about 8 feet from her, calling her to come with me, when I saw a hawk soaring above her and to the right, not more than 10 feet away!!

The hawk must have seen me, because it veered to the right, further into some trees, giving me the time to run back and pick her up!  I never leave her alone in the yard, but I hadn’t realized that hawks will come so close to a human.  I saw a hawk pick up a cat once long ago, but it was 50 yards away.

It’s spring here in San Diego, so I suppose young hawks are out hunting.  If your dog suffers an injury, consider taking a pet first aid course at the San Diego Humane Society (sdhumane.org/pet_first_aid/).  I did and it was well worth it.

Just a word of warning!