Rancho Penasquitos and  San Diego pet sitters

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Rancho Penasquitos,

San Diego


Our Services

  • Dog walking for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour; 15 minute kennel checks or walks.  Only 2 dogs maximum at a time, must be willing to be trained in loose leash walking.
  • Cat care – litter box cleaning, feeding and play time!

Special services

Medication for cats

  • I can give a pill to a cat!
  • Topical ointment
  • Subcutaneous fluid injection for cats with chronic kidney disease
  • Insulin injections

Medication for dogs

  • Pills
  • Topical ointments

Fees for Pet Care

I charge by the time it takes to care for your pets.  For example, if I can care for up to 13 cats in an hour, you are charged for an hour visit.  Only 2 dogs at a time are walked, but if you have 4 dogs that need walking, I can do it in 2 shifts, 30 minutes per shift.

Listed below are our starting rates for services:

    • 15 minute Pet Visit – $18.36 per visit
    • 30 minute Pet Visit – $23.75 per visit
    • 30-minute Walk & Train – $25.75 (new dogs)
    • 45 minute Pet Visit (dog walk or home care)- $29.15
    • 1 hour Pet Visit (one hour to walk dogs, or care for other pets) – $34.55 per visit
    • Four (4) hours of in-house daycare, dogs or cats – $64.80
    • Overnight pet sitting in your home -$170 per night, Eleven hours (7 p.m. and 6 a.m.)
    • Injection visit only
      Short visit to administer insulin or sub-Q fluids.
      $10.00 if owner is present. Otherwise, the regular 15-min. fee plus $10 would be charged.

Additional Services and Fees

    • Bird (small) – 1 cage $16.00 each visit ($2 each additional cage per visit)
    • Bird (large) – 1 cage $19.00 each visit ($2 each additional bird per visit)
    • Caged Rodents – $16.00 each visit ($2 each additional cage per visit)
    • Fish – $16 each visit per aquarium ($2 each additional aquarium per visit)
    • Pet Taxi – $15 per trip, within 15 miles.  Same for a supply run plus the cost of supplies (food or cat litter).
    • Supply run – $15 per trip plus cost of supplies.

Holiday Fee

Additional $5.00 per visit each holiday.

All federal holidays incur a holiday fee:

    • New Year’s Day,
    • Martin Luther King Day,
    • Presidents’ Day (Washington’s Birthday),
    • Memorial Day,
    • Juneteenth National Independence Day,
    • 4th of July (Independence Day),
    • Labor Day,
    • Indigenous People’s Day (Columbus Day)
    • Veterans’ Day,
    • Thanksgiving day, and
    • Christmas Day

Please note that Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are not charged a holiday fee.

Late Cancellation

    • No charge for cancellations greater than or equal to 18 hours in advance.
    • A 50% fee is charged for cancellations 18 to 4 hours in advance.
    • No refund for cancellations less than 4 hours in advance.

Short Notice Scheduling

Additional $15 for request less than 36 hours before departure date.

Key Pickup or Return

$5 each trip or free to mail it (1 key).

Referrals: one 30 minute free pet care visit per each referral who schedules me for pet sitting.

Call or email us to schedule a free meeting

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