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I just received this from a local dog walking associate. If you can help, please contact Barbara!
Thank you!

Dog Rescue with Borders has lost a great friend and member of our team this past weekend. Sean Curry, passed away surrounded by all his dogs and foster dogs, it was unexpected and we are in complete disbelief. He was an angel to many doggies that had lived in the streets of TJ because of him many doggies have a family of their own. He gave his heart and soul in to saving dogs, the rescue world will miss you. We will miss you greatly. Our team will not be the same without you my friend.
He now needs our hand as he not only fostered, but also had dogs of his own that we need to find homes for quickly; as you can imagine, these dogs were his children. There are 16 dogs that need foster care immediately. Can anyone foster for a few weeks. Just a few weeks until we find long term foster homes. They are all healthy dogs with vaccines updates. We will provide food, beds, treats, and toys.
Please share.
Sean we will miss you and we will take care of your doggies

Please contact Barbara for more info: barbara.lloyd@gmail.com